Monthly Archives: November 2010

Ski team

on the mountain at either shawnee or sunday. Advertisements


big chief on the patio of the old house, weighing in at about 16lbs

Western Railway

leaning out the door of the western railway local train on the way north to bandra.  station might be mumbai central.

Gateway arch

got up early to help john lee with his photo shoot early on sunday and took this picture of the gateway as the sun was coming up.  street lights went off a few seconds later.  on the right side of the photo you can see the ships anchored out in the harbor.

train to Mumbai

took this shot out the open door of the train as it was rolling through some small city at what must have been 100km/hr.  the train ride from nassik to mumbai is cool to take during monsoon because you get to see lots of waterfalls draining the sides of the hills along the rail line.

Nassik station

train station in nassik.  took a trip to the “wine country” to learn accounting.  didn’t learn much accounting but definitely played a lot of ping pong.  the bathrooms in this train station were the dirtiest, most disgusting public spaces i’ve seen yet.

Pondicherry beach

beach in pondicherry looking out at the bay of bengal.  took a walk on the beach in the early AM and saw the fishermen running their boats up on the beach (and using the beach as a toilet).  later that day, we impressed the indian guys with body surfing in what we were later told […]

Brussels airport june 2010

picture taken out the window of one of the new terminal buildings.  big difference between o’hare and this one, most notably that the view of the planes is awesome.  that’s not actually my plane- i think that’s the one that was on its way to delhi.  mine’s out of this photo to the right.