Monthly Archives: December 2010

up the gondola

shot out the window of one of the cabins. Advertisements

taj mahal

we saw this big boy along with about a million indians and discovered that it’s just a big tomb with no real significance of any kind.  after that discovery, scotty and i watched Armaggedon on the movie channel at the hotel and realized that it’s completely retarded that all the indians were shown celebrating at […]

Palace of Winds

jaipur has this one palace called Hawa Mahal where all the architectural features get smaller as you climb higher and higher in the building.  took this shot from the top floor with dad on one of the balconies to give some perspective.  that railing doesn’t even make it up to his knees.  walked through that […]

sundial in Jaipur

the “jantar mantar” was a surprise that really came out of left field for us after a few days of temple and palace wandering.  this shot is of the biggest of all the equipment and is a (relatively) accurate clock.  after a brief disagreement between us and our guide regarding the existence of planets farther […]

pit stop in Rajasthan

after our first tire blow out, harish replaced the rubber with a new tire that was low on air, so we stopped along the side of the highway at the house of a guy with an air pump.  the machine used to inflate the tire was extremely sweet to see in action; in this photo, […]

road to Jaipur

we had two flat tires over the course of the road trip and harish worked his magic both times from his crouched position on the side of the highway.  took this photo on the way to jaipur from udaipur while harish tried to change the tire without getting run over and dad tried to make […]

telecabine to Karni Mata

scooter and i took the ropeway up to the karni mata temple on one of the hills outside udaipur.  ropeway looks like a gondola-style lift but actually works in aerial tram format.  four cabins total, two on each side, each set pausing at the top and reversing direction.  couldn’t figure out who built it, but […]

Shiv Niwas palace

saw a movie being filmed in the big courtyard of the shiv niwas palace in udaipur.  this guy appeared to be the lead actor.  according to the guys standing around watching, the movie is french.

lake Pichola

took a boat ride out to the “jag mandir” island in the middle of the like in Udaipur.  one of the mughal emperors hated his dad so he built the little palace on the island and then moved out there to hide out.  took this photo from inside the palace while we were having some […]