Monthly Archives: January 2011

changi tram

airport has a pretty slick tram that takes you from one terminal to another.  for some reason, some trams operate as two car sets and others as one car sets.  here’s a double rolling into T3 Advertisements

the big one

380 getting ready to rock and roll.  a lot of Changi’s gates are built to host the 380, so even if you’re on a different plane, you walk down the hallway to the jetway and at the end of the hallway there’s a doorway that leads to the upper deck jetway that says “A380 only.” […]

LED kites

too cool not to include.  found these kites that dad had seen the night before near the river.  the kites have powered propellers and are remote controlled, and the guys using them outfit the kites with tons of LED lights so they’re constantly blinking with colored lights.  the lighted hoops are for the smaller kites […]

singapore river

this river runs from the bay through the city.  walked along it and i bought my MTV equalizer t-shirt.  definitely a good purchase.

chiefs in chinatown

shot of chief rolling through china town on saturday night.

marina bay

this photo goes with the pool shot because the pool is located in the middle of that half-sausage thing on the top of the hotel building.  you can see the tops of the palm trees over the edge.

swimming on the 57th floor

pretty much the coolest thing i’ve ever seen having to do with water.  got yelled at by the lifeguard later that day for getting too close to the real edge over the side of the pool.

on the way to Indonesia

sweet shot from the Bintan ferry.  up high, we’ve got a singapore airlines 777.  down low, we’ve got some freighters.  in the distance, singapore.

favorite street in sing

i think this  place was called “Ain Sing” or something.  got some burgers in one of the restaurants on this street.  some day union park road is going to look like this.

Changi train station

got to Changi early thursday and rolled into town on the subway.  took this photo in the airport station right after i started to notice a few key differences between the singapore urban trains and the mumbai trains.