Monthly Archives: February 2011

mumbai boat show

mumbai international boat show was pretty cool.  this boat runs about Rs. 3.3cr (around $750k) after the ~35% import duty.  looking at around $45k for an 18 footer. Advertisements

sugar cane

here’s a farmer hauling his sugar cane to the factory (about 100 meters behind us at this point).  two things going on right now in the world of indian sugar: high international prices, and high domestic production following a good monsoon.  this situation is a very good one for sugar growers, and there’s a good […]

grape processing

interior shot of one of our grape processes facilities.  this room is the “cleaning” room, though by cleaning they mean clipping away the small/diseased berries.  very important not to clean in the typical sense of the word, as the presence of water post harvest can be extremely harmful to the grapes.  indian grapes are generally […]

grape fields

if you go to nassik straight from mumbai, it pretty much seems like the sweetest place on earth.  was about 80 degrees, sunny, no humidity.  grape fields were awesome.   the grapes in this photo are headed to the UK and continental europe.

fighter jet

spotted this fighter jet mounted on the side of the highway as we were blowing through outer nassik on the way back to mumbai.  couldn’t get a great shot in as driver yusuf was keen on making good time.  cannot figure out what the red white and blue flag represents.   this jet is situation […]

premier taxi

spotted a premier on carter road.  official model name is Premier Padmini.  the company who built these cars, Premier Ltd., started cranking them out in 1967 and based their design on one of Fiat’s cars from the 1950s.  shockingly, they built this car until around year 2000… it’s pretty tough to ride in them if […]

carter road bandstand

carter road bandstand has some pretty cool stuff.  in the foreground is a guy drying some sheets on the beach.  that beach seems to be controlled by the local fishermen who dock their boats there.  hard to see, but in the background is cafe coffee day and the start of union park road.  was about […]

mahim bay & sea-link

took a rick home and saw the sea-link before the sun went down.  looked pretty cool so i took the photo.  rick driver saw the camera and asked me to take his photo, but the battery died and i couldn’t get him the shot.  bummer.  one weird thing about west bandra is that there’s only […]

evening rush

stood on the overpass at khar road station while the station started to get busy.  crowd is waiting for the slow train headed north.  shot is looking south at mahim and worli.   track to the left heads into the slums in east bandra/khar, but i’ve never seen a train on it.

mahalaxmi derby

went to the derby after sunday sports.  took a solid 1.5 hours to get down there with traffic.  got booted from the high class section on account of a lack of dress pants.  tough situation.  consequently, watched the big race with my fellow ruffians.  before the race started, one of the jockeys got pitched off […]