Monthly Archives: March 2011

takeoff over Juhu beach

planes were firing out over the beach the whole time we were walking through the crowd.  juhu aerodrome is the old airport that has a runway whose end abuts the beach.  this airport isn’t used commercially anymore, but BOM is right next door and the planes take off out over the ocean.  aerodrome does have […]

Holi 2011: Juhu beach wrestling game

me dominating some locals in the wrestling game.  one guy is “it” (me in this picture) and he has to cross a line into the territory of the rest of the players, tag any player, and then make it back across the line before getting tackled by everyone. thing is, i didn’t know about any […]

Holi 2011: guy spinning in circle with arms outstretched

this guy was clocking about 30rpm when we arrived.  apparently, substance abuse is a big part of Holi.

Holi 2011: Juhu beach party scene

beach was full of a few million kids hitting the bottle hard, wrestling, throwing colored powder on each other, and harassing foreigners (all 3 of us).  these guys begged for a photo.

view out my window

sun setting over union park.