Monthly Archives: April 2011

here be cobras

took this photo from the top of the mountain we stayed on in kerala.  we asked the guides if we could walk back to the hotel through the area shown in the foreground, but they declined to take us on grounds that the area has “many cobras and elephants.”  i suspect that they just wanted […]

kerala rubber trees

took this photo so that i’ll have a quick reference if anybody asks me where natural rubber comes from

jungle road

driving up to munnar from cochin was like taking a trip on a bona-fide version of every amusement park jungle simulation ride you’ve ever seen.  steady drizzle, reddish-brown soil, chocolate milk rivers, and dense tropical forest everywhere made the place seem pretty much exactly the way i imagined a jungle to look.  i asked ankur […]

they have rickshaws here too

munnar tea fields were awesome and we were speculating how the field workers are able to survive the harvest on some of the ridiculously steep slopes.  we were also thankful that we are not the ones who had to clear the jungle for the fields years ago.  tea isn’t native to kerala, but the british […]

climbing out of kerala

i don’t understand why no one takes photos out the windows of planes even though every highway rest stop with a scenic view is filled with people taking photos of the valley or whatever.  the view out a plane window is objectively better than any view you could get on earth even if you were […]

Victoria’s Territory

aircraft registered in india have registration codes beginning with the letters “VT.”  the VT designation is a relic of the british raj when all countries under british rule used it as an abbreviation for “Victoria’s Territory.”  indians are still feeling pretty raw about the raj thing and they’ve set about eliminating as much written evidence […]

Thane Creek bridge

actually, it’s the thane creek bridges, as you can see the supports for the old bridge behind the new bridge.  the bridges take you from the eastern edge of the mumbai peninsula across the thane “creek” (actually a very thick extension inland of the bay) to navi mumbai on the indian mainland.  they built the […]

river outside Vashi

vashi’s the first big station you hit after crossing thane creek on the train.  after thane, you get to blast across some rivers and wetlands and as far as i can tell, the view is by far the nicest of anywhere near mumbai.  took this photo looking toward vashi on the way home.

abandoned train platform: navi mumbai

one of the stations in between vashi and panvel has an extra platform that was built but isn’t in use.  the interesting thing about this platform is that it’s hard to say whether it was abandoned or just built and never used.  the ground has been leveled for a trackbed leading away from the station, […]

Panvel station: end of the line

the navi mumbai part of town was always a curiosity, so i decided to take the harbor line out to check it out.  ride out to panvel took about 1.5 hours with a train change at vadala road station.  once you cross the thane creek bridge and hit the navi mumbai part of town, the […]