Monthly Archives: August 2011

Pirates of Long Lake

George took us on patrol in the Lil’ Dragon all the way down to naples. Found time to harrass the Songo Queen on the way back (maybe for the last time??). Got some fried dough at the ice cream shop and pulled people on the windsurf board. Advertisements

It’s gonna pull ya

Bobby took the whaler out after it stopped raining one night. I think this was the only skiing we did all week this year.

Finding the channel

Took this photo on the way back from our propeller’s close encounter with the bed of the Fore river. Jazzy Girl held together and got us home.

Dry run chez Geesh

Took this fine vessel out on the water but we sank due to overloading. Managed to salvage the beers as well as most of the towels. Was a long swim home with this thing in tow.

On approach to LGA

New york seemed clean, orderly, and even a little dull coming from mumbai.  This place is still sweet, though. Took this photo on the way into town on delta.

Half way home

Rack of 380s at CDG. Was selected for random interrogation at security and they decided i was a highly suspicious character because i had visited jordan and sing.