Monthly Archives: October 2011

Pali Market greasers

Met some sweet dudes while waiting for the key maker to do his thing. These guys hang out on this corner every night, so maybe they’re the local tough guys. Then again they’re all undersized and a little too old for that sort of thing, and they seem to be kept dumb and happy by […]

Key maker

Had a couple of keys made in Pali Market in the wake of the most recent lock-out incident. Interesting to watch these guys work, although I don’t know when they do all of their business because whenever I show up the guys are all standing around.

Star Gamma unloading in Mumbai harbor

Three barges had pulled up along side the bulk carrier and the cargo was being offloaded using the ship’s cranes. Can’t figure out what the cargo was but assuming it’s coal or iron ore. Scotto, we now have no excuse to forget the capital of the Marshall Islands…

Pulling away from Mandwa

haze wasn’t so bad in the evening.

Alibag ferry- main deck

These boats are hilarious. All-wood construction, major bilge problems, but still get the job done. Just don’t light a match…

Alibag – Mandwa bus

The ferry companies operate “free” buses for passengers between downtown Alibag and the Mandwa Jetty. The ride took about a half hour and the bus was absolutely jammed. I stood at the door of the bus so at least i got some air, but the guy in the foreground of this photo definitely had the […]

Low Moor cannons

Kolaba was an old Marathi fort that was built by the man himself, Shivaji, back in the 1600s. The portuguese and britishers re-appropriated it for their own use at various points in history, and these cannons were added by the latter occupiers during the 1800s. Inscriptions on the sides of the cannons say they were […]

Pompom’s worst nightmare

Here we are approaching Kolaba Fort across the sand bar. When the tide is high, these guys run dinghies from the beach to the fort, but when the tide goes out they switch to these wagons. Our ponies were struggling and the driver was going to work on them with the whip. Unfortunately the wagon […]

Kolaba Fort

Spotted this fort in the distance while walking up the beach. Walked inland for a ways, caught a ride on the back of a motorcycle with some local chieftains, and rounded a corner to see the fort dead ahead. These carts are pulled by ponies/donkeys across the sand bar at low tied. Negotiations with the […]

Alibag water tower

Nikhil and Sonol (sp?) were kind enough to take me on a tour of their neighborhood water tower. That ladder on the left does indeed lead directly into the water tank. Tank was almost bone dry today, but the view was pretty cool.