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A380 home

Picked up the A380 in Paris for a ride home on the upper deck. Not a bad way to end the adventure. Advertisements

Air France

I thought that scheduling the return flight for Feb 6 would take advantage of auspicious timing, however the Air France strike nearly thwarted by attempt to get home. fortunately they kept the BOM flight and i made it out on time. took this photo boarding the plane at about 3am on the morning of the […]

Autotrain to Madgaon

Presumably in a effort to avoid whatever passes for roads in southern Maharashtra, these trucks rolled into Madgaon on the Konkan Railway’s version of the Autotrain. The train stopped and all the drivers got out of their cabs and used the water spigots along the tracks to wash their trucks before they started rolling again.

Western Railways locomotive interior

Arrived in Virar at 930 just as the express to Surat was on its way out of the station, so i bought a ticket for the 1040, grabbed a road banana, and hung out on the platform for an hour. The 1040 rolls in from Bandra Terminus absolutely jammed with people to the point where […]

Ferry to Arnala Fort: the expensive option

No dock to tie up to, so boarding the ferry requires removal of the shoes. Stepped on some weird stuff under the surface…

Big fish hunters on Arnala Beach

Arnala beach is on the ocean near Virar and is filled with large fishing boats. Many of them are at least twice the size of the ones moored in Mumbai, and based on the hundreds of rows of fish-drying racks on the beach, it seems they’re doing a mean business. Spotted this group of guys […]

Western Railways express

Pulling into Virar station on the way into Mumbai. Notice the guy standing on the tracks scrubbing the signal.

End of the line

Train sitting at the Virar station waiting to head back to Churchgate.

Vasai Creek bridge

Took this photo while blasting across the bridge between Bhayander and Vasai. Caught a train heading back into town with this photo. All along the route to Virar are the old electric multiple unit trains that seem to have been retired and replaced with the type shown here.

Star Gamma unloading in Mumbai harbor

Three barges had pulled up along side the bulk carrier and the cargo was being offloaded using the ship’s cranes. Can’t figure out what the cargo was but assuming it’s coal or iron ore. Scotto, we now have no excuse to forget the capital of the Marshall Islands…