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Air France

I thought that scheduling the return flight for Feb 6 would take advantage of auspicious timing, however the Air France strike nearly thwarted by attempt to get home. fortunately they kept the BOM flight and i made it out on time. took this photo boarding the plane at about 3am on the morning of the […]

Autotrain to Madgaon

Presumably in a effort to avoid whatever passes for roads in southern Maharashtra, these trucks rolled into Madgaon on the Konkan Railway’s version of the Autotrain. The train stopped and all the drivers got out of their cabs and used the water spigots along the tracks to wash their trucks before they started rolling again.

View from the porch

Goa is great because for about $10 a night you can get a shack on the beach and chill out and eat steak all day for as long as you want. This arrangement was pretty solid.

On the Konkan Railway

The Konkan Railway is completely ridiculous because there are numerous stops like this one that seem to service no population centers in particular. We spent about 30 minutes in Diwankhavati and then continued on through several tunnels and across long earthen grades that were presumably filled by hand back when the railway was first built.

Last week in mumbai

hung out on marine drive one last time before shipping out.

Boat to Elephanta

Took dennis on the boat out to Elephanta Island as part of his deluxe tour of the city. we decided to push the envelope with respect to boating safety on the way out.

Tourist season

Dennis hit mumbai hard and somehow left the experience with the statement that mumbai was “his favorite city in Asia, so far.” not sure what to make of that assessment, but i guess i haven’t seen much of Asia. dennis also had the best tour guide in the history of mumbai tour guides.

Signal man

I stood in the last car and this conductor guy was in the next doorway up. The train home was the “superfast” express, and while there was still daylight he would hold green flags out the door as we cruised through small stations. On the platforms, there would be a guy answering his signal with […]

Daman beach

This place has potential… maybe in 2111…

Thums up break

Posted up on the beach to talk to some locals. These local chieftains wandered over and whipped out a community bottle of nectar. Was talking to a crazy old guy who said that his visa had just come through and that he would be leaving for the US in february. Not sure how much of […]