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uncle Hani’s farm

took a drive out to Hani’s farm near alia airport and sampled the local produce. Advertisements

O Beach

Huzz was kind enough to let us join him at his bungalow on the dead sea.  israel in the distance.


we didn’t actually make it to the West Bank, but geeshman’s blackberry did pick up a welcome message from the palestinian authority via a west bank cell network.

Hejaz railway

railroad used to run all the way from damascus down through saudi arabia, but the only stretch operational today carries phosphates from the desert down to the aqaba port.  the highway follows the line up from aqaba to amman, and we crossed the tracks when we drove to wadi rum. fortunately, lawrence never showed up […]


Aqaba was a little strange.  lot’s of security, lots of trade, and situated at the union of egypt, israel, jordan, and saudi arabia.  the “Arab flag” flies on a massive flagpole in the middle of the city, and wikipedia says that this flag has been used ever since lawrence invaded in WWI.  took this photo […]


took a long time to make it through the petra canyon but the walk was worth it.  rune is gearing up to take a shot of me and the geesh man.


went to the ruins in old amman on the first day.  apparently all kinds of groups built on the location, most recently romans.  uncle Hani’s biz district is in the distance, as is the amphitheater.